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Big Picture Analytics for Big Data.

Big Picture Analytics

ImageVision is Big Data for Images and Video.

The Leader in Visual Search

The easiest medium to both produce and consume is an image. Every day, we create and share Billions of images and videos on social media, however, current search technology is blind to visual content.

ImageVision is the leader and innovator in using image recognition and machine learning technology to build powerful visual search technology. We help web and social media companies monetize their visual content in support of visual search, ad targeting, and site safety solutions.

Powering Key Innovation

By combining the power of computer vision and machine learning algorithms, ImageVision helps companies automate the recognition and tagging of images and videos.

ImageVision’s Visual Search system is in use by some of the world's largest content leaders such as Facebook, Apple, PhotoBucket and Yahoo! Read about how ImageVision helps Photobucket ensure Advertiser Brand Safety by avoiding issues with nudity in user uploaded images and videos.

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