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Big Picture Analytics for Big Data.

Big Picture Analytics

ImageVision is Big Data for Images and Video.

What is Big Picture

Every day, we create and share Billions of images and videos on social media - so much so that YouTube alone receives 100 hours of video uploads every minute! That's more video than if the major networks had been airing new content 24/7 every day since 1948. Analyzing large media collections for useful information is what we at ImageVision call Big Picture analytics.

Powering Key Innovation

Leveraging the power of real-time, visual recognition with machine learning algorithms, ImageVision provides the tools to automate the recognition and tagging of images and videos in order to help social media and apps monetize their visual content to both grow revenue and protect their advertiser’s brand.

ImageVision’s Visual Search system is in use by customers such as Facebook, Apple, PhotoBucket and Yahoo! Read about how ImageVision helps Photobucket ensure Advertiser Brand Safety by avoiding issues with nudity in user uploaded images and videos.

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