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Identify Issues Before Something Critical Fails

ImageVision has developed the industry’s leading image and video recognition solutions.


Automated image and video face recognition and face demographics scalable to billions of images and thousands of comparisons per second.


Within a single image, there are multiple objects which ImageVision identifies by leveraging patented algorithms with hundreds of visual features.


Leveraging patent-pending optical flow and feature extraction techniques, ImageVision detects changes in video, frame by frame, classifying and categorizing actions and motions.


If your business revolves around user content and you are concerned with image-based advertising or unwanted speech, ImageVision can help.

Machine Learning & Recognition

ImageVision works by extracting key visual features, to include shape, texture, and color from an image and uses this information, along with contextual data, to find similarities and thus more meaningful results.

Leveraging unique properties inherent to electronic components, ImageVision fingerprints light patterns to correlate data using only image and videos. Reduce risk, deliver operational efficiencies, and protect your customer’s brands while scanning and filtering for set specific data.

“ImageVision is changing the way social media companies and online communities moderate content. As the first company to provide automated, real-time filtering of images and video in addition to text, they are setting new standard for the speed, accuracy and volume of content that can be moderated”

Shawn White
Director of Services and Compliance

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ImageVision was acquired by Two Hat, a leading provider of content moderation solutions to the social and gaming industries.

We are available to help you get the most out of your user-generated content, accelerate your ROI, and reduce your risk with cutting-edge AI and content moderation technology.

+1 855 407 0889